Welcome to the Australian Micro Magic Class Association Inc.

The Association has been established to help promote this superb little yacht and support all the enlightened sailors who have bought one. The Association is NOT just for the racers, it is for every Micro Magic sailor young or old, if you just like to jolly about, club-sail or race, on a pond, lake, canal or even on the sea in daylight or event floodlight at night.

Whether you are brand new to sailing or you are a weathered old seadog, if you have a Micro Magic, this is the place to be. To
register costs nothing, all you need to do is provide a name and a valid email address.
If you need advice or help with your Micro Magic, there is a very active
where you can post up a question and usually within minutes you will recieve a reply. Alternatively contact any of the State contacts listed on the front information and news page
Don't worry if you think the question might have been asked before, as unlike many websites we have answered the same questions a hundred times and never get bored sharing our collective Micro Magic experiences with others.
If you would like to read more about the
background or history of the Micro Magic then please click on the links or look at the pages on the Micro Magic International website.

Clicking on any of the flags at the bottom of your screen will take you to the numerous other National sites that are increasing month by month.

Above all we wish you great fun with your Micro Magic.

Happy Sailing


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